Raw Materials

El Anfora pottery factory was founded in 1920, dedicating itself since its creation to the manufacture and sale of ceramics; German vision and technology, together with the great artisanal skills of Mexican workers, built one of the most solid and successful companies.
Over time Anfora strengthened its leadership with state-of-the-art technology and the use of raw materials of the best quality.
That is why, for a better focus on its different segments, the company was divided into 3 main areas:
• Anfora porcelain for tableware
• Anfora sanitary ware for sanitary products
• Anfora Raw Materials for ceramic paste, enamels and raw materials.
Raw Materials Anfora is located in the market for bodies and raw materials for the ceramic sector because it is a leading company in quality, development, marketing and service, exceeding the expectations of our customers by satisfying their needs in a timely manner.

Our vision

Our vision is to achieve, through the teamwork of our people with clients and suppliers, the successful development of each one, considering that our manufacturing processes are eco-efficient and friendly to the environment.
Anfora has ceramic pastes and glazes for use in all ceramic processes such as:
• Emptying system
• Gigger or rolled
• Pressing
As well as formulated for work at low and high temperatures, they are also handled, giving our clients a great variety to adapt to their processes.
At the same time to provide quantity and quality in time, products attached to the specifications set by our internal and external clients.
If you want more information and / or a quote, write to us at ventas@anfora.com