To develop a special design in a new ceramic shape, we require the following information:

  • Expected volume of production

  • Physical sample or plans with measurements, thicknesses and angles for adaptation in ceramic

  • Technical specifications such as tolerances and expected use

To quote a new shape, the cost depends largely on the size and complexity of the part and the production process to be used. The costs of the mold are absorbed by the client and as a reference they start from $ 1,200 USD.
The development time of the first sample varies from 6 to 8 weeks for dishes and 6 to 12 weeks for bathroom furniture. As it is a single order, the payment terms are 50% in advance and 50% on delivery.







The presence of porcelain in your restaurant, hotel or institution can grow with the distinction of the unique seal of your image through the service of Special Decoration from 600 pieces. We have a wide variety of options in decorations of great resistance and quality at affordable costs and we use the manufacturing process at 1,100 ° C to offer decorations that are unalterable over time.

The points of a special decoration that help to create the process and facilitate your choice are:

  • Edge: thin line that forms a circumference on the wing of the plate. It can be one or more boards combining colors.
  • Logo: it is usually placed on the wing of the plate, but there are concepts that allow you to play with the positions and styles.
  • Logo and interrupted edge: the continuity of the cutting edge is harmonically interrupted by a logo.
  • Festoon: border composed of various decorative elements almost always distributed around the wing of the plate. It can be thin or wide.
  • Band: fairly wide line - between 14 mm and 25 mm thick - printed on the flange of the platter.
  • Logo and interrupted festoon: Like the edge, a festoon can be interrupted with a logo.
  • Center: logo or decoration placed in the center of the plate, it can occupy part or all of the surface of the piece.
  • Solid color on one side: A uniform color decal is applied that covers the entire front face of the platter, leaving the reverse side blank. This method allows you to use any color from our palette.
  • Colored glaze: the plate is colored on both sides, usually without textures. The range of colors for this type of decoration is limited.
  • Hand-painted color: with the help of a lathe, the surface of the plate is colored, which acquires a unique texture.
  • Gold and Platinum: precious metals used for a special and elegant presentation. No normal ceramic color can substitute for its appearance and texture. They greatly enhance the design of any decor, but they do not allow the use of porcelain in microwave ovens.




We have 50,000 roofed meters for the manufacture of our products with an installed capacity that guarantees a supply of up to 30,000 tons per month, being also the only company in Mexico that has the necessary technology to manufacture "atomized" pasta.

We maintain three to six months of inventories of raw materials, so we guarantee a supply in any contingency or increase in consumer demand.

Anfora has a technical, administrative and sales team that will provide support in all your needs; With this we ensure technical training in the proper use of our products and we can respond to your needs personally within a period of no more than 24 hours via email or telephone.

Anfora not only looks for clients, it also looks for long-term business partners, generating with them a winning relationship in both directions that guarantees mutual growth in the national and export markets.

We are the company with the most experience in the formulation of pastes and glazes for the industrial use of all ceramic specialties. Our solutions focus on pastes and enamels for the manufacture of:

  • Tableware and loose parts for table use, low and high temperature
  • Medium and high temperature bathroom furniture
  • Electrical ceramics such as high voltage nozzles, lamp bases, etc.
  • Floors and coatings
One of our main advantages as producers with a long tradition in the market is that we understand the technical and market needs faced by our clients. We support them with all our experience.