Terms of service

The responsible for the use and protection of your personal information is Porcelanas Anfora, S. de R.L. de C.V. Located in Camino a Pozos Téllez km. 1.5, Fracc. Industrial La Reforma, Mineral de la Reforma, Hidalgo, ZIP 42186.



The personal information we obtain are:

Name, Mailing address (City, Town, Street, State, Zip code), Phone number, Email address, Company, Job Title, Bank Accounts, Office, Bill-to Information, Document attesting Representation and Legal Identity of the representative.

For non-anonymous complaints we collect the following personal Information:

Name, Phone Number, Email Address, Mailing Address, Name and Address of third parties (Involved or not in the complaint).

We do not collect sensitive personal information on our website.



Collected personal data will be used for the following purposes:

Primary Purposes
To provide general information of the company to:

a) Media interested in our activities. Be in contact with them and address them on issues regarding the company.

b) Analysts, investors, financial organizations and general public.

c) Complaints and reports receiving regarding violations the Code of Conduct by Anfora employees and its brands, as well as to reporting failures in serving customers and suppliers.

d) Supporting our clients with electronic billing issues. 

e) Receiving the corresponding electronic billing of our suppliers and if necessary provide them help in case of any complication related to the issuance of the invoice. 

f) Performing the transaction and answering your requests to perform your ARCO rights and your consent revocation request.

g) We use personal information collected with the goal of verifying the identity of the users for analytical, statistical and marketing purposes, as well as providing a better service. 


Secondary Purposes:
a) To send you information about the products and services offered by our brands. (Makerting and Advertising) 



If you want your personal information NOT be used from this moment on to the established secondary purposes in this Terms and Conditions for Website Notice, you can write us to: ventasonline@anfora.com stating the following:

“I do not consent my personal information being used for the secondary purposes: a) To send you information about the products and services offered by our brands. (Marketing and Advertising)” 

Stating your refusal for the use of your personal information WILL NOT be a reason for us to stop providing you our services. 



We ought to remind you that none of your personal data will be transferred to third persons.



You own the right to know what personal information we have about you, what we use it for and the terms of use we give them (Access). It is your right to request the correction of your personal information in case it’s not updated, inaccurate or incomplete (Rectification); For us to remove your information from our database when you consider that it’s not being used according to the principles and obligations under the rules (Cancellation); You can also oppose to the use of your personal data for specific reasons (Opposition). These rights are known as ARCO rights.

You can carry out the rights mentioned above through the form “Solicitud para Atención a los Requerimientos ARCO”. You will need to write us an email to ventasonline@anfora.com, soliciting the corresponding form to follow the procedure that will be sent to you along with the form, if you wish you could also come up to our offices in Camino a Pozos Téllez km. 1.5, Fracc. Industrial La Reforma, Mineral de la Reforma, Hidalgo, ZIP 42186 or give us a call at +52 1 (771) 716 3100, which shall process your requests for you to carry out these rights, and take any questions you might have regarding the use of your information. 



You can revoke the consent given to us for the use of your personal information. Nevertheless, it is important for you too keep in mind that we won’t be able to fulfill your request or conclude the use of your personal information immediately, since there’s a possibility we might keep your information for legal reasons. You must consider that for certain purposes, the revocation of your consent will mean that we can not continue giving you the service you request us .

To request your consent revocation you must need to write an email to ventasonline@anfora.com, requesting the “Formato del Revocación del Consentimiento” and proceed with your request which will be sent along with the form.
We will analyze your request and send you a respond to it according to our established procedure. 



If you want to restrict the use or disclose of your personal information given to us for advertising and marketing purposes you can always unsubscribe automatically from your email by selecting a message sent from us and clicking on “Unsubscribe from receiving messages from this person”.
We commit ourselves to include your information to an Exclusion List to suspend all activities related to the our services (advertising and/or marketing) be of inconvenience for you regarding the use of your information. 



If you have any doubts regarding our politics or the use we give to your personal information, please get in contact with our Privacy Department of Personal Data, where we will gladly assist you.

Address: Camino a Pozos Téllez km. 1.5 Fracc. Industrial La Reforma, Mineral de la Reforma, Hgo. ZIP 42186
Email Address: ventasonline@anfora.com
Phone number: +52 1 (771) 716 3100